Every aspect of our world continues to adapt to the changes that have come with the COVID-19 pandemic, including cyber security. By now we are all aware that there continues to be an increase in cyber criminals stepping up their game to leverage the current situation. Below is a overview of some of the most current news and concerns in the cyber security industry:

Zoom and Gloom

With a large majority of the workforce becoming remote, video conferencing has experienced an unprecedented boom. Companies are relying on video conferencing to keep their employees updated and engaged while working from home. With the increased use, it’s no surprise that more vulnerabilities in these systems have surfaced. Perhaps none more so than with Zoom. Multiple articles are published daily about the platform’s various security risks and the news has now garnered the attention of the FBI.

Under-the Radar Attacks
Just recently, the popular Coronavirus statistics site Worldometers.info and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have both been the target of cyber attackers with the intention to disrupt operations and information flow. Additionally, both Samsung and Princess Cruises have confirmed a data breach since February, but such news has not been as headline-worthy as those directly related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Telehealth Privacy at Risk
Just as there has been a rapid shift to telework, the same is true for telehealth. However, not all telehealth technology was prepared for all the security, risk and privacy implications of the swift transition. When the crisis passes, cyber security and privacy will need to become priorities as the successful implementation of the services will likely lead to wider adoption when the pandemic has diminished.

Our Own Worst Enemy?

Quickly prioritizing and fixing critical vulnerabilities has become both more difficult and more important. Unfortunately, one of the biggest threats to a company’s cyber security could be it’s own IT department, who are doing the best they can to set up remote working capabilities and address technology demands, perhaps with fewer resources to do so. Companies that are (rightfully) preoccupied with keeping their doors open and paying their employees could be leaving the virtual door open for cyber crime by not dedicating time and staff to protecting systems from the uptick in attacks. The need for automated solutions to maintain cyber security during this time is great.


Enhanced cyber risk and increased threats are just a part of our reality. Each company must decide what level of risk is acceptable for them and prioritize accordingly. However, there are easy, inexpensive solutions available that could provide a much needed quick win for IT/Security departments in what feels like a losing battle. FortifyData is currently offering companies a free Cyber Risk Assessment so businesses of all sizes can get visibility into their current cybersecurity risk posture and understand how to efficiently improve their cyber risk.

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