FortifyData vs. Security Ratings Providers

Dynamic and Accurate Security Ratings

FortifyData bases our security rating primarily from an active assessment, that includes all ports and services of your external attack surface or your third parties. We also incorporate more traditional passive assessment information that other security ratings vendors primarily rely on.

Because we use active assessments, we are going to find known and unknown assets and their associated vulnerabilities in a timelier fashion then other ratings vendors will find in their periodic data feed updates. Oh, and if you remediate those risk findings, you get an updated score within a week (or quicker) compared to “who knows when” from other providers.

Shouldn’t your security rating be more dynamic and based on live assessment data? We think so.
We offer a complimentary assessment to show you the difference.

FeaturesEnterprise External Attack Surface ManagementThird-Party Attack Surface ManagementSecurity Ratings Reputational Risk
Live Data Assessment
OSINT - historical leased data feeds, 30-120 days late on arrival
Complete Assessment – All Ports and Services
< 20% Attack Surface
Findings Transparency & Context
No Asset Representation
Data Accuracy
IP Misattributions leading to false positives
Auto-Asset Discovery
Up to 4 months to update and discover new assets
Customizable & Representative Scoring
One Rigid Scoring Model, Inaccurate risk representation

Key Differentiators

Don’t be limited by a legacy cyber ratings solution.
See the benefits of adopting FortifyData’s Cyber Risk Management solution:

Accurate Data

Through non-intrusive scanning capabilities, we directly perform assessments and do not rely solely on OSINT data feeds, reducing the presence of false positives.

Custom Risk Modeling

Ability to develop custom risk models based on factors that matter the most to your enterprise and its third parties.

Configurable Scoring Model

Users can select security categories based on the level of insight needed for risk management and compliance with industry standards.

External and Internal Assessment Capabilities

Ability to assess internal, external and cloud security risks using integrated solutions and agents.

Integration Capabilities

Integrations with other security technologies (SIEM, IDS/IPS, GRC platforms, etc.) enabling the most comprehensive risk visibility and rating.

The Evolution of Security Ratings

Get increased risk visibility by using an integrated approach to cybersecurity risk management. Using live assessment data in conjunction with passive assessment data is a force multiplier for your security rating management. Our whitepaper explains how an organization can improve its cyber risk posture by incorporating live assessment data of their Enterprise and third parties for a more accurate security rating experience.