FortifyData’s Third-Party Risk Management solution (FortifyTPRM) provides your organization with the most comprehensive third-party risk management platform for identifying, monitoring and managing all cyber security risks across third party vendors, suppliers, subsidiaries and other business associates. Set up specific risk modeling profiles for specific, or groups of, third-parties to effectively manage the risks associated to each group.

Complete Third-Party Risk Insights

Our platform gives you immediate visibility to the security postures of your third parties and subsidiaries by assessing their attack surface. With this approach, FortifyData can identify the vulnerabilities of those external assets and prioritize them based on severity so an Enterprise and Third-Party can collaborate on risk remediation associated to specific vulnerabilities. FortifyTPRM can use this asset information to auto-validate questionnaires for applicable security controls in compliance questionnaires. Our third-party dashboard provides:

  • Your third-parties’ Security Ratings and Attack Surface Monitoring
  • Asset In-Scope Assessment
  • Questionnaire Issuance and Management
  • Control Auto-Validation and Compliance Monitoring
  • Vendor Task Management
  • Third-Party Custom Risk Modeling

A New Approach to Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

Read our whitepaper about the next generation of Third Party Risk Management platforms that provide intelligence based on assessments in addition to open source intelligence data.

Webinar: Optimize Third Party Risk Management

Third Party Risk is a top concern for organizations as external partnerships and technologies become more complex, and cybercriminals become more sophisticated in attacks that exploit the supply chain.