Virtual CISO and Consultants

Virtual CISO (vCISO), Consultants and Advisors are trusted cybersecurity resource to clients. In addition to developing cybersecurity programs, providing advice, assessments or tabletop exercises for your clients you can now provide a holistic view of a client’s cybersecurity risk exposures and vulnerabilities to supplement your work and provide them a comprehensive assessment of their cybersecurity program.

Address Cybersecurity Risk Management for Your Clients

FortifyData’s platform for cybersecurity risk management integrates full attack surface risk exposure – internal, external, cloud security posture and third-party risk – and provides analysis of top risk scenarios, vulnerability management and gives recommended remediation guidance. With this client data the FortifyData platform can provide a security rating, enable customized risk modeling and cyber risk quantification that provides vCISOs, consultants and advisors the tools and information to align to the client’s business needs.

Benefits of Partnering with FortifyData

Go-to-Market Support

Partners have access to sales and marketing resources to accelerate growth

Sales Tools

Partners have access to partner tier discounts and referral fees in addition to sales training opportunities related to cybersecurity use cases to help you sell.

Training and Support

Pursue training on our platform to achieve certification across three advancing levels to better serve your customers. Our support team is there to help with various curve balls that customers can throw your way.

“Maintaining good cyber security is not going through a yearly checklist and then forgetting about the program for another 364 days. It requires continuous monitoring for constantly changing threats and vulnerabilities. FortifyData is a great tool to help your company do just that!”