FortifyInternal is FotifyData’s Enterprise Cyber Risk Management solution that provides comprehensive visibility of your internal vulnerabilities and threats across your technology, people, processes and control effectiveness.

Comprehensive Risk Management

FortifyData uses non-intrusive active and passive assessments to uncover vulnerabilities of your internal environment with considerations to security controls implemented. Our platform allows you to ingest any type of risk or security data to build out a customizable risk scoring model. Having a view of your internal risks combined with your external risks enables better prioritization, triaging, and awareness.

All of the internal risk information is analyzed by the FortifyData platform and listed in a prioritized view based on vulnerability rating. The internal risk information is another component that factors into the security rating we produce for organizations so they can benchmark the security program progress and effectiveness. FortifyData enables organizations with full access to classify systems, adjust likelihood and impact of threats. This provides confidence and the most accurate view of cyber risk exposure to your key stakeholders, board and customers.

FortifyInternal Capabilities

Continuous Automated Cyber Risk Assessments
External Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessments
Automated Asset Discovery
Threat Event Mapping
Dark Web Monitoring
Web Application Vulnerability Assessments
Threat Intelligence Monitoring