Partner with the Leader

At FortifyData we partner with some of the leading providers of cyber risk management, cyber security and managed services to help ensure that our customers not only use the most complete cyber risk management platform in the industry, but have access to the experts that can help them leverage it to protect their businesses. 

Through a partnership with FortifyData, you can integrate the power of our platform directly into your company’s products or services to provide cyber risk scoring, monitoring and third party risk management.

We offer a variety of partnership strategies including referrals, reselling and OEM. With each of these partnerships, you will be able to provide your customers with an enhanced cyber risk management solution and your organization will:

Deliver More Value

By integrating the FortifyData Risk Management Platform into existing technology platforms and service offerings, our partners enable their clients to access daily key performance indicators in order to provide critical insight for better management of risk. Our joint customers quickly see the benefits – and so do our partners as they expand their services, offerings, and revenue opportunities.

Our joint customers quickly see the benefits—and so do our partners as they expand their services, offerings and revenue opportunities.

Provide Cyber Risk Management

The FortifyData Cyber Risk Management Platform allows our partners’ customers to identify, quantify, and mitigate cyber risk proactively within the three pillars of cyber security: People, Process and Technology. This proactive approach to risk enables your customers to stop ransomware before it is too late.

Address your clients #1 Risk

In a recent survey, 9 of 10 risk managers indicated that cyber risk was their number one concern. The rise in cyber attacks and ransomware, not just within the walls of their businesses, but with third party vendors, jeopardize the lifeblood of the business. By offering the power of FortifyData, you can address the biggest risk to businesses today.

“We are excited to partner with FortifyData to provide our customers a complete cyber risk management solution that not only scores their risk level, but continually monitors their cyber security profiles. Our goal is to provide our customers the best solutions possible for IT services and security and we believe this partnership will help us deliver a premium cyber security service to our customers regardless of size.”

Gary Nichols

InterDev Founder and CEO

“Maintaining good cyber security is not going through a yearly checklist and then forgetting about the program for another 364 days. It requires continuous monitoring for constantly changing threats and vulnerabilities. FortifyData is a great tool to help your company do just that!”

Adam Hewitt

COO InsureTrust

To learn more about how to become a partner, or to get a list of our certified partners, please contact us using the form on this page or call us directly.