Deliver improved cyber risk outcomes for your clients.

Your customers are facing evolving threats in a dynamic cybersecurity environment and your business can help deliver preventative and proactive solutions to help them securely run their business. Partnering with FortifyData you can expand your suite of solutions to provide cybersecurity risk management with immediate time-to-value and win new business.

Offer ‘Peace of Mind’ as a Growth Strategy with the FortifyData Partner Program.

We work together with our partners to ensure mutual success for end customers yielding valued, profitable, and trusted cyber risk management offerings. With the FortifyData platform you can tailor specific offerings based on applicable our cybersecurity risk management modules.

BenefitsReferralResellerPlatform Partner (MSSPs)
FeesCommisionMarginMargin + Services
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Partner Directory Listing
Use of FortifyData Logos
Dedicated Account Manager
Rebates & Incentives
Free Initial Assessment (1 per deal)
Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsored Demo Accounts
Access to Leads
Platform Access for Account Mgmt
Co-Branded Reporting
Dedicated Technical Support
Deal Registration Online
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Partner Sales & Product Training
Actively Promote FortifyData
Joint Business Planning
Minimum # of Deals or Engagements
Annual Subscription Fee

Benefits of Partnering with FortifyData

Go-to-Market Support

Partners have access to sales and marketing resources to accelerate growth

Sales Tools

Partners have access to partner tier discounts and referral fees in addition to sales training opportunities related to cybersecurity use cases to help you sell.

Training and Support

Pursue training on our platform to achieve certification across three advancing levels to better serve your customers. Our support team is there to help with various curve balls that customers can throw your way.

Managed Service Providers (MSP) / Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP)

Supplement your current services with cyber risk exposure and management services to provide to your clients through full attack surface analysis – external, internal, cloud configuration and third-party risks. Provide continuous assessment coverage that identifies prioritized vulnerabilities and risks and provides recommended remediation that you can assist with, and package services around.

Virtual CISO (vCISO) / Consultants

Move beyond point-in-time assessments and provide a continuous risk assessment offering that leverages the live data of their environment – external, internal, cloud configuration and third-party – that provides timely updated when controls, technologies or process slip out of compliance or new vulnerabilities pop up.

Value Added Resellers (VAR)

Complement the array of cybersecurity solutions that clients come to you for with FortifyData’s integrated cybersecurity risk assessment and management platform. Provide to them a 360-degree view of risk solution that assesses their full attack surface from external, internal, cloud configuration and third-party risks.

Integration Marketplace

Integrate cybersecurity tools, software, and applications that you use with FortifyData. Break down security data silos and aggregate your cybersecurity data sources with the FortifyData platform for more powerful analysis that provides a comprehensive view of security.

Become a Partner

If you’re interested in becoming a FortifyData partner, please fill out the form below or contact us directly.