Cloud Security Posture

Many organizations are now leveraging cloud services as a scalable and efficient resource to develop and manage solutions. However, these dynamic technologies and the processes used by various teams can lead to inadvertent changes and exposures affecting your cloud security posture, which could put your customers data at risk and increase your risk for a potential breach. FortifyData monitors and detects these risks before they are exploited.

FortifyData’s cloud-focused dashboard provides an easy-to-understand view of your cloud infrastructure across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. Plus, we provide actionable recommendations to continuously improve your cloud security posture.

Identify Cloud Misconfigurations

Scan, monitor and remediate configuration issues, like:

Unencrypted data storage
Poor password policies or missing MFA
Lack of least-privilege policies
Misconfigured backup and restore settings
Data exposure and privilege escalation