Questionnaire Management

Comprehensive Questionnaire Management & Monitoring

Efficiently manage the questionnaire process for both Enterprise and Third-Party Risk program needs. Manage questionnaires from the FortifyData platform so departmental, subsidiary, and third-party information are processed and visualized in a centralized manner for a comprehensive view of questionnaire management. FortifyData goes one step further by leveraging the attack surface information we discover and inventory from assessments to auto-validate the applicable controls in the questionnaire for security and compliance framework requirements. Since this can be done quickly, you can be notified when third parties or the enterprise becomes non-compliant for specific technical controls.

Continuous Third-Party Risk Exchange

Speed up vendor evaluations by spending less time reviewing questionnaires with FortifyData’s Questionnaire Exchange. Participants instantly access shared validated cyber risk assessments and questionnaires, allowing you to quickly make risk based decisions.

Vendor questionnaire responses are auto-validated for contradictions through our continuous technical assessments, allowing you to accurately vet and monitor third party risk changes over time.

Third-Party Questionnaire Management

Keep up to date on the compliance of your suppliers with your policies, and quickly identify vendors that do not comply. Get the full picture of external vulnerabilities at your third parties with our auto-validated questionnaires that leverage the live assessment data conducted on their environment. This provides you with the answers you need more quickly (in the time to run an assessment) than a manual questionnaire process. Create custom questionnaires that are specific to each vendor. Easily assign tasks and collaborate and track questionnaires with our task management capabilities.

Enterprise Questionnaire Management

With FortifyData, send questionnaires within your organization, and easily track the status of each outgoing security questionnaire within one dashboard. We also provide the ability to auto-validate responses with your live assessment data.