Internal Security Risk

Internal Security Risk Evaluation

Stay vigilant to changes that affect your internal security posture as well as activities that appear anomalous to benchmarked user behavior and access. FortifyData enables you to gain visibility into your organization’s internal security risks such as monitoring for company credentials published on the dark web, leaked company data or company information related to third party incidents. Threats and vulnerabilities are identified and prioritized on a continuous basis so you can tackle the biggest risks first.

Identify Internal Threat Vectors

Insiders within your organization remain one of the key threats to cybersecurity through accidental actions leading to compromise or as victims to social engineering or phishing efforts. The majority of insider threat risks are not related to a rogue and disgruntled employee (that can happen), but to unwitting, or negligent, employees that may not know better. FortifyData identifies and monitors the control processes that impact your internal risk posture as well as monitors for organizational credentials and data on the dark web. Discover compromised credentials, unauthorized access, unauthorized data disclosure, and more.

Internal Security Compliance

Collaborate and manage compliance obligations with your company’s security and privacy-based standards across the entire organization and/or groups of systems. Easily collaborate with others so that you can assign control requirements and recurring tasks to specific individuals and set due dates for completion.