Protecting Your Business from COVID-19-related Phishing Scams

Three Phases of AttacksIn recent weeks, there has been an explosion of COVID-19-themed phishing schemes. The first phase started toward the end of February and into early March. These mainly involved spoofs of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), WHO (World Health Organization), and a few other reputable authorities including HR departments within targeted organizations. […]

Keys to Managing Your Third-Party Cyber Risk During a Pandemic

Organizations are increasingly partnering with an expansive network of third parties to extend and optimize their capabilities. By leveraging these external partners, organizations are better positioned to grow and compete in their respective markets. These third parties can be suppliers, contractors, vendors, business partners or joint ventures that organizations rely on to enhance their business […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Challenges Facing Cyber Security

By now, many experts agree that repercussions from the coronavirus will hit every organization on some level, no matter how resilient they thought they were. In fact, cyber security author Raef Meeuwisse has said that “no single event to date has changed the tech threat landscape more than the consequences and impacts developing around the […]

Why You Need Next Generation Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

In this digital age, assessing cyber risk is critical to businesses of all sizes. And not just your organization’s direct risk level but those of all the third parties you do business with.This assessment is often surfaced through a score. Undoubtedly, that cyber risk score is an integral piece of your business’ overall cyber risk […]

5 Cyber Security Facts That Make You Think Twice

As the world has shifted from the physical to the digital, security threats have also changed from physical to cyber. The cyber risks are numerous, and the landscape evolves quickly. Juniper research states that cyber crimes accounted for $2 trillion in losses in 2019, and with hackers developing sneaky new approaches to infiltrate your business, […]

Addressing Vendor Risk Management Problems

Has your organization ever received phishing emails from a “trusted third party”? Have any of your affiliate businesses experienced a data breach? Most likely, the answer is “Yes” or “we don’t know.” In 2017, at least 56% of companies experienced a third-party breach ( In the ever-changing and dynamic cybersecurity landscape, organizations are constantly faced […]

PCI Compliance In 3 Easy Steps

Many mid-sized businesses struggle with achieving and maintaining PCI compliance. Some lack the necessary resources—technology or security staff—while others struggle with the complex processes and technology involved. As someone responsible for IT and Security, you have little choice but to incorporate PCI data security standards into your ever-growing list of responsibilities. Don’t count on sympathy […]