Platform Overview

Next-Generation Cybersecurity Ratings & Cyber Risk Management

With FortifyData’s next-generation cybersecurity risk management platform, you get more than a misattributed rating or score. Our platform offers the most accurate insight of risk exposure by performing a comprehensive analysis, using advanced vulnerability and threat detection technology to assess and quantify risk on external and internal assets, and controls in place for your organization and third party partners. 

The software is designed specifically to help corporations evaluate their cyber risk in real time and on demand, and monitor their exposure to cyber risk.

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Why FortifyData?

Platform Overview


A 360-degree view of your risk. FortifyData—a cyber risk management platform—provides you the most comprehensive cyber risk score in the industry, based on an in-depth assessment of your external- and internal-facing technologies, processes, personnel and third parties.

Transparent Approach

  • Based on NIST Risk Management Framework
  • Enhanced by proprietary A.I.-based risk quantification

Incorporates All Risk Factors

  • External and Internal Technology Risks
  • Security Controls Evaluation 
  • Compliance Risks

Identifies Specific Weaknesses

  • Detailed areas of vulnerabilities and security control gaps
  • Exposure to potential and active threats
  • Recommended remediation and risk mitigation steps
Platform Overview


The one-size-fits-all approach misrepresents your risk exposure. FortifyData’s platform allows you to select systems and classifications required for accurately representing your organization’s risk profile. 

Only Assess Relevant Systems and Resources

  • Accurate asset identification approach
  • Measure only the risks that matter to your business

System Classification Based on Severity

  • Classify assets based on data stored, processed or transferred
  • Assign impact values per threat event

Evaluate Non-Technology Related Risk Factors

  • Assess business process risk factors 
  • Automated validation for compliance standards such as PCI DSS, HITRUST, SOC2, ISO27001 and more


Platform Overview


Decrease the time it takes to address issues. Easily connect with your internal teams or third parties to correct threats with the ability to assign tasks and receive immediate notifications of changes.

Integrated Collaboration

  • Interact with third parties to correct issues
  • Immediate notification of status changes

Assess with Custom Questionnaires

  • Create questionnaires relevant to your existing program 
  • Auto-validate questionnaire responses

Leverage “Third-Party Network Effect”

  • Improve second level partnerships
  • Increase overall third-party visibility
Platform Overview


Your risk exposure is fluid, so your cyber risk monitoring should be, too. Don’t miss the opportunity to address new or timely threats because you’re waiting for the next monthly, quarterly or even yearly assessment.

Continuously Monitor for Change

  • Immediate notification on critical issues
  • Near real-time active threat notifications