FortifyData Offering Businesses Free Usage Of Cyber-Risk Management Platform

March 19, 2020

Offers to assist businesses in COVID-19 cybersecurity efforts.

FortifyData Inc. announced today that it will offer businesses free 30-day usage of its cybersecurity risk management platform in order to assist organizations of all sizes that are struggling with understanding their cybersecurity posture during the rapid shift to a remote workforce due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As workforces across the globe have suddenly had to move from a physical to a digital presence to help reduce community spread of COVID-19, many IT and security departments are racing to adapt their systems to facilitate remote work capabilities while still maintaining critical security obligations.

“During this unprecedented time, it is our duty to help organizations maintain a low-risk cybersecurity posture. Many are not adequately set up to serve a remote workforce in such large numbers, or as quickly as is now being required,” said FortifyData CEO Victor Gamra. “It is critical for us to do whatever we can as a company to offer assistance, especially when we see so many cybercriminals exploiting the situation.”

This free usage will benefit organizations looking to protect their mission-critical systems during a time when cyber threats are more prominent in environments with vulnerabilities present. FortifyData’s cyber-risk management platform not only provides details and required actions for specific system and application threats, vulnerabilities and risk levels, but also provides management with comprehensive cyber risk scoring that allows prioritization of limited IT/Security funds. In addition to continuous technology assessments, it also offers easy collaboration with internal and third-party resources to help take immediate action to mitigate any risk.

About FortifyData

FortifyData is the leader in accurate and holistic automated cyber risk ratings and management platform. FortifyData gives organizations a 360-degree view of their cyber risk exposure through provisioning comprehensive external and internal technology assessments, compliance-based control assessments, and collaborative third-party risk management solutions. Learn more about and request a complimentary cyber risk assessment.