Enterprise Cyber Risk Management

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Most rating providers are limited with only assessing the external attack surface of organizations with outdated open-source data, which is a dangerous practice that leads to a false sense of security. FortifyData uses non-intrusive active and passive assessments to uncover vulnerabilities of both your external and internal infrastructure with considerations to security controls implemented.


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Manage Your Rating

To understand your risk exposure level, accuracy is everything. Fully manage your cyber risk rating and the factors affecting your risk profile using FortifyData, ensuring your risk rating is accurate—free of misattributions and false positives. FortifyData’s comprehensive approach goes beyond traditional rating methodologies and gives you the flexibility to manage your security ratings with full access to classify your systems, adjust likelihood and impact of threats. This enables you to confidently present the most accurate view of your cyber risk exposure to your key stakeholders, board and customers.

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Custom Data Feed Integration

The FortifyData platform allows you to ingest any type of risk-informed data to build out a customizable scoring model. Examples below are solution data feeds that can be ingested and factored into a customized risk model:

• GRC platforms
• Vulnerability scanners
• IDS/IPSs, and more.

Enterprise Cyber Risk Management - Custom Data Feed

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Conduct external attack surface assessments and manage your security rating


Perform internal network risk assessments throughout your infrastructure


Manage and monitor your cloud security posture and identify misconfigurations


Build out a custom risk model that fits your business risk exposure