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FortifyData automates the continuous discovery of third-party risk and vulnerabilities, and produces a more accurate security rating, eliminating misattributions, false positives, and lack of timely updates that you’ve experienced with other security ratings providers.

We offer a complimentary cyber risk assessment on your organization to show you the power of our data. Or, you can jump straight to a demo.


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Webinar: Reduce Cyber Risk with Next Generation Cyber Ratings

Understand why older cyber rating methods are not as effective, and learn the see the benefits of next generation ratings in action.

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FortifyScore Methodology

Discover the factors that the FortifyScore identifies, analyzes and calculates from the FortifyData platform assessments.

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Webinar: Optimize Your Third Party Risk Management Program

Learn FortifyData’s approach to third party cyber risk management, which is based on live assessment data.

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Next Generation Third Party Risk Management Whitepaper

Understand the benefit of using the next generation of Third Party Risk Management Platforms that provide more accurate intelligence.

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A Frustration-Free Security Ratings Experience

Developed by security leaders with automation and accuracy at its core.

Accurate Auto-Asset Discovery

Reduce asset misattributions with FortifyData’s auto asset discovery capability. While other solutions can take up to 4 months to update new asset inventory, we continuously search and identify new assets on a weekly basis.

Data Accuracy

FortifyData collects data through both active and passive assessment methodologies, not relying on historical, OSINT data. We continuously re-assess to make sure all attack surface data is timely and accurate.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our proprietary threat intelligence capability alerts clients when their business email credentials or data have been compromised from a third-party breach and available on the dark web. Through continuous dark/deep web scanning of files and databases across social media, un-indexed and transient deep websites, we will alert you of exposed company records, including leaked information, compromised credentials and confidential documents.

External Attack Surface Assessment

We conduct comprehensive, non-intrusive vulnerability assessments on your third-parties' attack surface on a weekly basis. These assessments produce accurate results using the most up-to-date vulnerability detection capabilities, allowing your organization to identify which vendors are susceptible to newer vulnerabilities, like log4j.

Standard and Custom Questionnaires

Achieve continuous compliance monitoring of your vendors with an automated process. Instantly send out standard or custom questionnaires, and get the full picture of risk using our auto-validation capabilities. Combining the assessment findings to auto-validate questionnaires saves time in reviewing third-party responses. This provides you with the answers you need more quickly (in the time to run an assessment) than a manual process. Easily assign tasks, collaborate and track questionnaire changes with our task management capabilities.

Configurable Scoring Model and In-Scope Assessments

FortifyData is the only platform that provides a configurable risk model, allowing you to create customized models based on factors related to your vendors' threat landscape. Clients can assign and modify factors attached to each cybersecurity risk category when calculating custom scores, getting a more accurate representation of the direct risk linked to your organization. You can also perform third-party in-scope assessments that focus only on assets and services relevant to providing services to your organization.

See Beyond Traditional Risk Ratings for Third Parties

See beyond traditional risk ratings and take control by scaling the weighting of specific risk scoring criteria related to a group of, or specific third parties.

FortifyData enables you to evaluate prospective vendors to Understand data sharing risks, business continuity concerns And their overall cyber hygiene. For existing vendors, you can continuously monitor their evolving attack surface and Compliance with your third-party risk management program.

Quickly identify your most vulnerable third parties and create Action plans for more focused and collaborative remediation.

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