How Hackable is Your Attack Surface?

Discover, Prioritize and Remediate

Your attack surface is expanding. and you need to monitor and respond to vulnerabilities quickly. FortifyData is the leading Attack Surface Management (ASM) platform.  That’s why 10,000 companies have trusted FortifyData to continuously assess their attack surface. 

FortifyData goes beyond traditional ASM by including network assessments, DAST on your applications, asset classification, risk acceptance, cyber threat intelligence and the most accurate security rating.

FortifyData Solution Benefits

Accurate: We provide continuous, direct, assessments of your external attack surface. Covering all ports and all services, this provides the most accurate view of assets and associated vulnerabilities.

Continuous and Automated: We auto-identify known and unknown assets to develop an inventory of your internet-facing attack surface, DAST on your applications, and identify new assets on a weekly basis. Then we automatically identify the most impactful threats.

Risk Acceptance:  This enables users to adjust likelihood of risk and the business impact based on compensating controls for vulnerabilities on assets that the organization knows can’t be patched.

Prioritize and Enrich: With asset classification get a prioritized view of risk, enriched with cyber threat intelligence, that shows the threats and vulnerabilities that are most impactful to business operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Organizations need a way to identify and manage threat exposures, and associated risks, across the entire externa attack surface – including your network and applications. FortifyData’s approach helps you better manage cyber risk and threats by integrating asset and vulnerability management, along with threat intelligence and also produces a risk-based vulnerability view for your organization. 

We directly assess your publicly facing assets and IPs in a non-intrusive scan. We start with your top-level domain and then find subdomains and other IP addresses you own, confirming them against your DNS records.

Scheduling a short demo is the best way to get started with FortifyData. Our sales team will gather the information needed to begin assessing your organization’s attack surface, and then they will help you set up your account based on your unique attack surface.

FortifyData also has capabilities to manage your internal attack surface, as well as your third party cyber risk. To learn more about adding those capabilities, contact us here.

You can contact us here if you need further help or have more questions.