Higher Education Demo Day:

Automating Cyber Risk Management Enriched with Cyber Threat Intelligence

Earlier this year the research firm Gartner identified Top Technology Trends impacting Higher Education and incorporating cyber threat intelligence into their overall cybersecurity risk management was one of those trends. 

In this demo day webinar see how FortifyData can simplify the collection of cyber risk information across the University and Colleges to automate the prioritization process with the help of integrated cyber threat intelligence (CTI). 

Cyber threat intelligence is a dynamic risk factor that can affect the cyber risks Higher Education institutions are facing, depending on APT group activities or Known Vulnerability Exploits (KVE) being targeted within your IT asset inventory. FortifyData monitors the CTI and updates your prioritized cyber risks based on the CTI. Cyber risk prioritization helps Universities identify the most impactful cyber risk that their teams, or outsourced teams, should focus on. Learn how FortifyData is helping Higher Education institutions automate the cyber risk assessments of Colleges and Departments to produce both a University-wide view of cyber risk and a localized view by College or Department. 

Register for the on-demand version of the webinar to see the advantages our current Higher Education clients are gaining. Attendees will learn:

  • How cyber threat intelligence helps inform risk-based vulnerability management
  • How to construct views to measure cyber risk by College or Department
  • Understanding compliance with the Safeguards Rule and other regulations
  • Identify external cyber risk within your service provider/vendor ecosystem and the role of this information in supplementing and validating questionnaires

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