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  • By submitting this form, the free service will initiate a quarterly scan for your organization. The comprehensive external vulnerability assessment this will take a couple of days to prepare the report.  
  • Once completed, a representative from FortifyData will reach out to you with the results of your assessment.

Free Service Plan Includes

  • Quarterly external attack surface vulnerability assessment for one domain
  • Security Rating based on the external assessment

FortifyData Capabilities

attack surface management icon for threat exposure management

Attack Surface Management (ASM)

Continuous, direct, assessments of your attack surface. External assets, internal networks, cloud, third parties. Covering all ports and all services, this provides the most accurate view of assets and associated vulnerabilities.

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Risk Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM)

Prioritized risk and remediation that is informed with threat intelligence and based on asset classification. See the threats and vulnerabilities that can negatively impact your business the most.

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Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)

Directly assess a third-party’s external attack surface, continuously or one-time, to verify the threat exposure that vendor poses to you. Save time with our Questionnaire Exchange to send and share questionnaires (standard or custom) with vendors and interested parties.

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Security Ratings

Measure exposure management based on weekly assessments. FortifyData’s patented configurable scoring model presents a direct indication of breach susceptibility that considers the likelihood of threat scenarios, asset classifications and risk impact to the organization.