Managing Enterprise-wide and Departmental Cyber Risk in One Platform

The potential for data breaches, security incidents, and regulatory non-compliance looms large, necessitating robust risk management strategies. FortifyData offers this unique solution by empowering organizations to view and manage cyber risks at both holistic and granular levels.

This blog explores the immense value of having a cyber risk management platform, like FortifyData, that enables organizations to view and manage cyber risks at both holistic and granular levels.

The Power of a Unified View 

When dealing with complex entities like multi-national conglomerates, holding companies, or university systems, the ability to gain a holistic view of cyber risk is invaluable. Security leaders at these organizations need a unified view to make informed strategic decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s risk posture. 

  • Identifying Enterprise-Wide Vulnerabilities: By viewing cyber risk across the entire organization, stakeholders can identify common vulnerabilities or systemic issues that transcend individual subsidiaries, departments, or colleges. This knowledge allows for the implementation of proactive measures that address widespread risks, fostering a culture of security and resilience throughout the enterprise. 
  • Enhancing Resource Allocation: A unified view of cyber risk facilitates efficient resource allocation, as organizations can prioritize investments based on the severity and prevalence of risks. By identifying high-risk areas within the enterprise, decision-makers can allocate resources effectively, ensuring that mitigation efforts are targeted where they are most needed. 


The Value of Granularity 

While a holistic view is crucial, understanding risk at a granular level offers its own set of advantages. A platform with these capabilities allows users to drill down and analyze cyber risk by subsidiary, department, or college, catering to the diverse needs and priorities within an organization. 

  • Tailoring Risk Management Strategies: Different subsidiaries, departments, or colleges within an organization may have unique risk profiles due to variations in operations, data handling practices, or compliance requirements. By examining risks at a granular level, organizations can tailor their risk management strategies to suit specific contexts, addressing challenges and vulnerabilities effectively. 
  • Empowering Departmental/Collegiate Ownership: By enabling department-level or collegiate risk analysis, individual units are empowered to take ownership of their cybersecurity. When departments or colleges have visibility into their specific risk profiles, they become more proactive in implementing controls, enhancing their resilience, and fostering a culture of cybersecurity awareness. 


Vendor Risk Management: Today, organizations outsource key services to critical vendors. The above features can extend beyond internal risk management by offering organizations the ability to assess and manage cyber risks associated with vendors. This functionality applies to both enterprise-wide vendors and those serving specific subsidiaries, departments, or colleges. Security leaders can streamline vendor risk assessment processes, ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of the potential risks associated with external partners as well as focus assessments on the specific services provided through in-scope assessments. 

FortifyData’s cyber risk management platform revolutionizes how organizations approach risk by providing both a unified view and granular analysis capabilities. The ability to view risk across the entire organization allows decision-makers to understand common vulnerabilities and make strategic, enterprise-wide decisions. Simultaneously, drilling down to specific subsidiaries, departments, or colleges enables tailored risk management strategies, empowering individual units to address their unique challenges. With the added benefit of vendor risk management, organizations can comprehensively protect their digital assets, foster resilience, and navigate the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape with confidence.  

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