How Integrated Cyber Risk Management Helps Your Organization

In today’s world, organizations need to have accurate and complete visibility into their entire asset inventory, associated vulnerabilities, and threat landscape, including third-party risks, to understand their complete risk exposure levels to develop a plan for improved cyber risk management outcomes. The problem is, there are a lot of risk management solutions that claim to provide a comprehensive view, but that’s not always true. 

The only way to get a holistic understanding of your complete risk exposure is to use an Integrated Cyber Risk Management solution. 

What is Integrated Cyber Risk Management? 

Gartner defines Integrated Risk Management as “a set of practices and processes supported by a risk-aware culture and enabling technologies, that improves decision making and performance through an integrated view of how well an organization manages its unique set of risks.” 

As we’ve developed the FortifyData platform, an enabling technology for Integrated Cyber Risk Management, it needed to combine cybersecurity assessment technologies – like threat intelligence, attack surface assessments and vulnerability assessments — with the ability to assess internal, external, third-party and cloud security. This information is analyzed to present a holistic view of the risks affecting the organization, displayed in easy-to-understand dashboards and reports that present prioritized risks and financial impact. 

An Integrated Cyber Risk Management platform will: 
  • Provide internal, external and cloud-based risk assessments 
  • Perform assessments using current (not historical) vulnerability data based on attack surface and vulnerability assessments, and risk-informed data from integrated solutions
  • Integrate third-party risk and vulnerability 
  • Continually assess risks, setting benchmarks and allowing for comparison to industry peers 
  • Prioritize risks according to threat and vulnerability levels 
  • Automatically calculate financial impact based on risk scenarios 
  • Allows you to easily demonstrate security compliance risk 
  • Provide easy-to-understand reports for leadership and the board 

Why do you need an Integrated Risk Management solution? 

An Integrated Risk Management solution will allow you to get the most accurate view of the cyber risk exposure for both your organization and third parties, prioritize threats and vulnerabilities so you can reduce the likelihood of breach, and determine the financial impact of that risk.  With this level of risk insights, you can easily improve your security posture, mitigate risk from third parties, analyze how security decisions will impact your business, and report to leadership and the board. It is the easiest way to confidently manage your cybersecurity program. 

Let us show you how FortifyData’s Integrated Cyber Risk Management platform can help you to gain improved outcomes in your cyber risk management program. Register here for a demo.

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