FortifyData Partners with Alerta Security for South American Growth

July 5, 2022

Automated cyber risk management, prioritization and quantification to be managed by Alerta Security in Brazil.  

Atlanta, GA – July 5, 2022 –  FortifyData, an integrated cyber risk management platform that produces prioritized and contextualized risks for organizations and quantifies financial impact, has partnered with Alerta Security, a managed security services provider, to offer enterprise cyber risk, third-party cyber risk management and cyber risk quantification services to their client base. Alerta Security a provider of cyber defense detection and response, and managed network and security operation centers will now offer the full suite of FortifyData platform capabilities to integrate cyber risk and security data for clients to provide a comprehensive risk management program.  

The FortifyData cybersecurity risk management platform enables organizations to identify and manage their risk exposure across external networks, internal networks, cloud and third parties’ exposures. Through both active and passive assessments organizations get the most current and accurate visibility of risks their organization is exposed to. The organization’s risk data is then put into context and analyzed against likelihood of threat scenarios and business impact to prioritize risk for efficient remediation. 

“Giving our customers access to the outcomes that the FortifyData platform provides by integrating cybersecurity data, enabling context to assets and their vulnerabilities and threats, and calculating financial impact will give our customers an advantage in cyber defense and effectively allocating security budget,” said António Lino, Title at Alerta Security. “FortifyData’s ability to continuously incorporate context of assets and threat scenarios to an enterprise and produce prioritized risks in such a dynamic way really saves time and resources in mitigating and managing risk.”  

“Alerta Security is a leader in cyber defense management in South America and we are eager to work with them to help clients integrate solutions and receive more accurate assessments of their environment to make better risk-informed decisions,” said Victor Gamra, CEO and Founder at FortifyData. “Alerta Security will help us scale our presence in South America and act as a force-multiplier in cyber risk management and defense of organizations.” 

About FortifyData

FortifyData automates risk-based vulnerability assessments that produce prioritized and contextualized risks to the organization and quantifies financial impact. The platform continuously identifies risk across internal, external, cloud and third-party risks enabling better risk mitigation strategies. FortifyData gives organizations a 360-degree view of their cyber risk exposure through provisioning comprehensive external and internal technology assessments, compliance-based control assessments, and collaborative third-party risk management solutions. Learn more about   

About Alerta Security

Alerta Security operates in the cyber defense market. Our main objective is to deliver solutions and services that result in more safety, performance and productivity. Through over 17 years of experience working in cyber defense, we have developed a methodology where we think broadly and strategically. So our customers invest where it’s really needed. Our cyber defense strategy reduces vulnerabilities, protecting organizations from threats, resulting in greater operational and financial security. Learn more at and

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