FortifyData Adds Assessivate to Growing List of Partners 

March 22, 2022

Partnership to Accelerate Automated Cyber Risk Management  

Atlanta, GA – March 22, 2022 -  FortifyData, an integrated cyber risk management platform providing full attack surface exposure analysis and management, has partnered with Assessivate, a boutique strategic analytics, compliance, security and technology firm, to offer attack surface and third-party cyber risk monitoring services to their client base. With this announcement Assessivate now offers the full suite of FortifyData platform capabilities to pair with their suite of services that supports their customers’ cyber risk management and security rating needs.   

The FortifyData cybersecurity risk management platform enables organizations to identify and manage their risk exposure across external networks, internal networks, cloud misconfigurations and third parties’ exposures. Through both active and passive assessments organizations get the most current and accurate visibility of risks their organization is exposed to.  

“Providing customers, a platform that can identify their assets and associated vulnerabilities in the same way attacker’s do is an eye-opening experience for them,” said Andrew Edstrom, CEO at Assessivate. “This service not only shows them their vulnerable exposures but presents a plan to improve their risk posture and continuously monitor for new assets and vulnerabilities to provide a comprehensive view of their risk.”   

Third parties are one of the biggest threat vectors to businesses. Many previous high-profile cyber incidents have been attributed to a third-parties’ access to systems or vulnerable software. Forrester‘s recent 2022 predictions identified that “Sixty percent of security incidents will result from issues with third parties. Forrester data reveals that 55% of security pros reported their organization experienced an incident or breach involving supply chain or third-party providers in the past 12 months.”  

“Assessivate is a proven and savvy organization that is looking for a competitive edge to provide to its clients as they improve their cyber risk visibility based on accurate exposure analysis to bolster their cyber defense and mature their cybersecurity risk management programs,” said Victor Gamra, CEO and Founder at FortifyData. “Assessivate recognizes the sense of urgency and dynamic nature of cyber risk and has already begun to introduce us to their network with positive traction.”

About FortifyData

FortifyData is the leader in accurate and holistic automated cyber risk ratings and management platform. FortifyData gives organizations a 360-degree view of their cyber risk exposure through provisioning comprehensive external and internal technology assessments, compliance-based control assessments, and collaborative third-party risk management solutions. Learn more about and request a complimentary cyber risk assessment.

About Assessivate

Assessivate is a boutique strategic analytics, compliance, security and technology firm leveraging high-end resources and exceptional tools to empower businesses. Our services are focused on direction, advisory services and strategic value for your organization. For more information visit or call 770-689-7146 .

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