CyberSecOp Partners with FortifyData to Provide Continuous Enterprise Cyber Risk Management

September 21, 2022

Automated and continuous assessment will provide more accurate security ratings and prioritized risk-based vulnerability management for clients 

Atlanta, GA – September 21, 2022 -  FortifyData, an automated cyber risk management platform that provides direct assessment-based security ratings, has partnered with CyberSecOp, a vCISO cybersecurity advisory consulting firm, to offer continuous assessments resulting in more accurate security ratings and risk-based vulnerability management for clients across industries. 

The partnership will combine CyberSecOp’s consulting expertise in cybersecurity with FortifyData’s continuous assessment platform that accurately rates clients cyber risk exposure, provides risk-based vulnerability management and cyber risk quantification for efficient cybersecurity risk program management. 

FortifyData is an integrated cyber risk management platform that enables customers to identify and manage risk exposure across their entire attack surface. FortifyData gives organizations a 360-degree view of their cyber risk exposure through comprehensive external and internal technology assessments, control assessments, and collaborative third-party risk management solutions, and is the only cyber risk management platform with a patented configurable risk modeling allowing users to accurately represent their risk exposure level. Additionally, data can be analyzed by FortifyData’s cyber risk quantification module to help automate the translation of asset, vulnerability and risk information into financial impact to the organization.    

“More and more customers are wanting continuous assessments of themselves, to monitor changes to their external attack surface, cloud deployments with the goal to help reduce the risk of a cyber incident at their organization,” said Vincent LaRocca, CEO at CyberSecOp. “This service not only shows them their vulnerable exposures but presents a prioritized view of the identified risks that we can help clients to mitigate or engineer solutions to improve their risk posture.”  

In today’s quickly evolving cyber threat landscape, organizations must be proactive in addressing conditions that can lead to cyber breaches, and continuous assessments that provide and accurate security rating on a weekly basis are integral to identifying and evaluating risk resilience in real time. 

“CyberSecOp is a proven and trusted advisor to many leading companies. We are proud to partner with them as they recognize the need for continuous and active assessments to provide up-to-date visibility for effective cyber risk management,” said Victor Gamra, CEO and Founder at FortifyData. “CyberSecOp recognizes the sense of urgency and dynamic nature of cyber risk as it relates to compliance and improved security posture. We look forward to this partnership, starting with their upcoming cyber summit.”   

You can learn more about this new partnership between CyberSecOp and FortifyData at CyberSecOp’s Cyber Summit on October 19, 2022, at the Tarrytown House Estate (Tarrytown, NY) from 8:00am – 12:30pm. 

About FortifyData

FortifyData is an integrated cyber risk management platform that automates risk-based vulnerability assessments to produce prioritized and contextualized risks to the organization and that quantifies risk and financial impact. The platform continuously identifies risk across internal, external, cloud and third-party risks (aka Attack Surface) enabling better risk mitigation strategies. The identified cyber risk data is then quantified by FortifyData in two ways. One is a weekly cyber risk security rating based on active assessments. The second is as a financial cyber risk quantification using annualized loss expectancy for budget justification, insurance calibration and measuring return on security investment. Learn more about and request a complimentary cyber risk assessment. 

About CyberSecOp

CyberSecOp assists organizations with Cyber Security and Privacy Consulting Services, providing services such as Cyber Security Program, Data Privacy Security Program, and Cyber Security Assessment services based on the following: NIST, ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI, CMMC, GLBA amongst others. Don’t risk regulatory fines. Stay compliant with CyberSecOp Security Compliance and Cyber Incident Response Services. For More Information visit or call 866-973-2677 

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