Four Questions Your Board Will Ask You About Cyber Risk

Four Questions Your Board Will Ask You About Cyber Risk Board members today are increasingly concerned with cybersecurity risks. Recent Gartner research found “Eighty-eight percent of Boards of Directors (BoDs) view cybersecurity as a business risk, as opposed to a technology risk, according to a new survey* from Gartner, Inc.” It’s not surprising given the […]

How Integrated Cyber Risk Management Helps Your Organization

In today’s world, organizations need to have accurate and complete visibility into their entire asset inventory, associated vulnerabilities, and threat landscape, including third-party risks, to understand their complete risk exposure levels to develop a plan for improved cyber risk management outcomes. The problem is, there are a lot of risk management solutions that claim to […]

Cyber Risk Scoring- The FortifyData Scoring Methodology

A cyber risk score is a benchmark score or rating of an organization’s level of risk exposure based on the liabilities related to cybersecurity and IT vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can include attack surface (external), internal vulnerabilities (patching, IOCs, port management, etc.), human and environmental risk, vendor/third party risk management processes and more. The cyber risk […]

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Basics

About the Author: Anthony Ortega has more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, configuration management, systems engineering, and project management. He is currently nearing completion of his doctor of management in information systems technology degree.