Assessment Traffic Source

The IP address you are attempting to reach is owned and maintained by FortifyData. A list of IP addresses to whitelist is below. You are likely being scanned because your organization was identified as a third-party by one of our clients.

What To Do

Current partners, clients or prospective clients- this is one of the IP addresses used in our active (but non-intrusive) assessments to identify cyber security risks over the internet.

This IP address is not being used to conduct malicious queries, but rather as a tool to identify cyber risk.

Please whitelist this IP address to prevent any potential issues in the future, or take note of the IP address for your records.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

How To Get Your Data

Since we are scanning your organization’s external facing assets, you may want to also receive the report and findings of the assessment we are conducting on behalf of your client or partner.

Submit your request and contact information to us at and we will validate the information and send over the report.

You may find the report and findings valuable to share with other third-parties, partners or clients that can benefit from this information.

IPs To Whitelist

Last Updated January 6, 2022


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