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How Do Ratings Work?

“…High level security ratings has been around for about 10 years….”

Why Use Security Ratings?

“…and when you get this data, how is it used?…”

Overview: Financial Quantification

“…Financial quantification has been a big thing to understand what this means financially…”

First Generation vs. Next Generation Ratings

“…Open source intelligence is what people receive when they assess people through the first generation of security ratings…”

How We Gather Data for the Most Accurate and Comprehensive Cybersecurity Ratings

“…talk about how we gather our data and why that differentiates us with first generation…”

Non-Intrusive, Continuous Assessments for the Most Current Risk Analysis

“…Let’s talk about how we actually do our assessments themselves…”

Assessing Cloud Security Risks

“…Cloud is relatively new for a lot of people and there are a lot of things they don’t account for…”

Calculate the Financial Impact of Cyber Risk

Customize Your Scoring Models for Accurate Risk Representation

“….create as many custom scoring models as you want…”

Effective Third Party Risk Management

“…We summarize all that with our third party risk management dashboard…”

Easily Collaborate and Manage Tasks

“…One thing that is relatively unique about our platform is it’s very collaborative in nature…”

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