FortifyData and Mindaro Partner to Provide Improved Cyber Risk Management and Insurance Plans as Preventative Actions Against Increased Attacks on Businesses

April 19, 2022

The Partnership Aims to Accelerate the Cyber Risk Visibility to Businesses Pursuing Stand Alone Cyber Insurance Policies with External Attack Surface Assessments 

Atlanta, GA – April 19, 2022 -  FortifyData, an integrated cyber risk management platform company that provides full attack surface exposure analysis and management, has partnered with Mindaro, a provider of standalone cyber liability insurance for businesses.  

The increasing frequency of cyberattacks on businesses and the rising costs associated with the recovery from a cyberattack, makes cyber insurance a critical component in any cyber risk and liability management strategy. This partnership provides valuable tools to the respective client and prospect bases of both companies to continuously manage cyber risk exposure and insure against the scenarios of ransomware, malware attack or other cyber incident occurring.   

“Businesses are looking for an additional safety net in the event that their cybersecurity defenses don’t hold up against threat actors, despite their best efforts,” said Denis  Senchishev, COO at Mindaro. “There’s an understanding in cybersecurity that ‘bad guys only have to get it right once’ to gain access and wreak havoc, but ‘good guys have to get it right all of the time’ in protecting their organization. Having cyber insurance provides a safety net for those instances when a threat actor is successful. Having FortifyData as a cyber risk partner will help our clients to understand their critical cybersecurity risk exposures and vulnerabilities, and recommendations to mitigate them to reduce the likelihood of a cyber incident from an attacker who ‘got it right, once’.” 

The FortifyData cybersecurity risk management platform enables organizations to identify and manage their risk exposure across external networks, internal networks, cloud misconfigurations and third parties’ exposures. Through both active and passive assessments organizations get the most current and accurate visibility of risks their organization is exposed to. 

“We believe automated programs, through this partnership, that incorporate risk transfer decisioning intelligence data will help many risk managers effectively determine and allocate security investments,” said Victor Gamra, CEO and Founder at FortifyData. “We are excited about this partnership with Mindaro and we look forward to the improved outcomes enjoyed by our clients.”

About FortifyData

FortifyData is the leader in accurate and holistic automated cyber risk ratings and management platform. FortifyData gives organizations a 360-degree view of their cyber risk exposure through provisioning comprehensive external and internal technology assessments, compliance-based control assessments, and collaborative third-party risk management solutions. Learn more about and request a complimentary cyber risk assessment.

About Mindaro

Mindaro is a digital insurance agency, adding the crucial piece of the cyber security puzzle that protects organizations from the financial ramifications of cyber-attacks. In mere minutes, Mindaro customers can get a bindable quote and generate a policy for cyber liability insurance at 

Mindaro’s mission is to provide value to customers by lowering cyber exposure in the Zero Trust environment by partnering with A-rated underwriters and cyber security experts to close the gap between technological and financial protection. 

The Mindaro team is combined from insurance professionals, technologists, innovators, and visionaries to bring a first in class, digital, easy, and transparent experience of purchasing insurance and protecting businesses. 

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