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Bola Ogungbemi


Bola Ogungbemi is the Chief Financial Officer at FortifyData – a cyber-risk management platform. An expert in accounting, corporate finance, auditing and controls, there is very little about finance that Bola doesn’t know. In his current role, he is responsible for the company’s overall financial strategy and direction.

Bola spent the first 12 years of his professional career with public accounting and financial advisory firms, before being recruited by one of his clients. After serving as a finance director for an R&D company, he joined a large industrial air pollution control manufacturer, Dustex, initially as a controller and subsequently as CFO after Dustex’s acquisition by a private equity group.

As CFO, Bola was frequently exposed to the risks posed by cyber security:

Bola says, “I was once asked to do a routine million-dollar transfer that was normal except a very minor detail, which I realized just before hitting the send button. Turned out our CEO, who was travelling, had his computer stolen and his system hacked. Since then, I’ve been a firm advocate of spending resources on cyber security, but I also know the opportunity for consolidation and cost optimization in the industry, and this made joining FortifyData very attractive.”

A graduate of Kean University accounting department, Bola has established a reputation for strategic thinking that supports fast-paced growth.

Bola says, “Life is what you choose to make of it, and what I love most about my career is being able to help build businesses that make a difference, first in helping control air pollution, and now in helping protect companies from cyber attacks.”