On Demand Demo

Watch Our Demo On Demand See FortifyData in Action See why organization’s are using FortifyData’s Integrated Cyber Risk Management to gain visibility into the cyber risk of their enterprise and their third parties. FortifyData allows users to: Assess and manage external and internal cybersecurity risks Prioritize threats on critical assets, allowing you to focus on […]

Financial Quantification with FortifyData

Financial Quantification with FortifyData FortifyData’s Financial Risk Quantification Module translates your organiztion’s cybersecurity risk into budgetary and management language.   Download our whitepaper to learn all about the Financial Risk Quantification Module within the FortifyData platform, and see why organizations are using it to gain visibility into the cyber risk of their enterprise and their third […]

FortifyScore Overview

The FortifyData Scoring Methodology One of the unique aspects of the FortifyData platform is that we enable organizations to configure the various components of the risk that is unique to their threat profile, enabling a client to emphasize or prioritize certain risks over others.  Read our whitepaper to learn the factors that the FortifyScore identifies, […]

Evolution of Security Ratings Whitepaper

Whitepaper: The Evolution of Cybersecurity Ratings and How They Boost Risk Visibility Learn how next-generation cybersecurity ratings platforms will help your organization boost its cybersecurity posture and leverage risk insights to become more proactive instead of reactive. In this whitepaper, we discuss: • What are cybersecurity ratings? • Why are older methods of ratings aren’t […]

Next Generation Third-Party Risk Management Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Next Generation Third-Party Risk Management Gaining visibility into the security risks that your supply chain or third-party vendors pose to your organization is a growing priority among cybersecurity leaders. Third-party risk management has evolved to go beyond passive OSINT collection and manual questionnaires to now include active assessment data of third-party vendors that provide […]

Cyber Threat Report: Credit Unions

Current Cyber Risk Insights for Credit Unions​ Get the cyber risk data your credit union needs to identify and manage risks across the entire attack surface. This report identifies the top potential threats and vulnerabilities that are currently affecting credit unions, and how to reduce those threats. We’ve leveraged the proprietary data and expert insight […]