5 Cyber Security Facts That Make You Think Twice

5 Cyber Security Facts That Make You Think Twice As the world has shifted from the physical to the digital, security threats have also changed from physical to cyber. The cyber risks are numerous, and the landscape evolves quickly. Juniper research states that cyber crimes accounted for $2 trillion in losses in 2019, and with […]

Addressing Vendor Risk Management Problems

Has your organization ever received phishing emails from a “trusted third party”? Have any of your affiliate businesses experienced a data breach? Most likely, the answer is “Yes” or “we don’t know.” In 2017, at least 56% of companies experienced a third-party breach (https://www.opus.com/ponemon/) In the ever-changing and dynamic cybersecurity landscape, organizations are constantly faced […]

PCI Compliance In 3 Easy Steps

Many mid-sized businesses struggle with achieving and maintaining PCI compliance. Some lack the necessary resources—technology or security staff—while others struggle with the complex processes and technology involved. As someone responsible for IT and Security, you have little choice but to incorporate PCI data security standards into your ever-growing list of responsibilities. Don’t count on sympathy […]

GDPR & Cyber Security – What you really need to know

For companies without a dedicated security or compliance department, GDPR can be a nightmare. With fines up to 4% of annual revenue, non-compliance can come at a serious cost. So, what do you really need to know about GDPR compliance? Here are some of the essential elements that will make compliance—and your life—a little easier: […]